Dr Ayesha Ayub

Certificate of Sexual Health

Dr. Ayesha Ayub embarked on her medical career in 2018 at SJOG Midland, marking the beginning of her journey in the healthcare field. Since then, she has gained valuable experience by working in various hospitals across Perth, including Joondalup Hospital, where she served as a Cardiology Registrar. Her diverse background in hospital-based medicine has enriched her skill set and knowledge.

In pursuit of her passion for providing comprehensive care, Dr. Ayub commenced her General Practitioner (GP) training, an endeavor that began last year. Her commitment to offering a wide range of medical services is reflected in her accomplishments, including obtaining a Certificate of Sexual Health.

Dr. Ayub's professional interests are wide-ranging and encompass numerous facets of healthcare. Her expertise extends to the management of chronic medical conditions, antenatal care for expectant mothers, and providing counseling on unplanned pregnancies. She is also proficient in Implanon insertion and removal, sexual health, psychiatry, and pediatrics, ensuring that her patients receive holistic and specialised care tailored to their unique needs.

She is also among the select group of GPs who operate allergy and immunology clinics in collaboration with Fiona Stanley Hospital. Many of her patients, spanning both children and adults, benefit from her immediate, real-time consultations through the Virtual Immunology Clinic for General Practice (VIC-GP), eliminating the need for in-person appointments and virtually eradicating waiting times. It's important to note that these consultations are privately billed for all patients.

One of Dr. Ayesha Ayub's remarkable attributes is her linguistic versatility. She is fluent in English, Urdu, and Punjabi, facilitating effective communication with a diverse patient population and enhancing accessibility to healthcare services.

In summary, Dr. Ayesha Ayub is a dedicated and multifaceted medical professional with a strong foundation in hospital-based medicine and a growing commitment to general practice. Her extensive expertise, diverse interests, and linguistic abilities make her a valuable asset in the healthcare community, ensuring that patients receive compassionate and comprehensive care across a broad spectrum of medical needs.

Dr Ayesha consults in English, Urdu, and Punjabi. 

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