Dr Myintzu Hla


Dr. Myintzu Hla is an accomplished medical practitioner who has attained fellowships in both General Practice (Australia) and General Physician (UK). Her extensive training and dedication to providing comprehensive healthcare make her a highly regarded physician.

With a diverse range of interests, Dr. Myintzu excels in various medical domains, including general medicine, diabetes care, women's health, children's health, and chronic disease management. Her commitment to these fields ensures that her patients receive well-rounded and holistic care tailored to their unique needs.

One of Dr. Myintzu's notable specialisations is in pre-departure travel counseling and traveler's immunization. Her expertise in this area enables her to offer invaluable guidance to individuals planning international trips, ensuring their health and safety while abroad.

In addition to her comprehensive medical services, Dr. Myintzu is proficient in performing essential procedures such as skin checks and minor medical interventions. Her attention to detail and skill in these areas contribute to her patients' overall well-being.

In summary, Dr. Myintzu Hla is a distinguished medical professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her dual fellowships, wide-ranging interests, and proficiency in multiple languages demonstrate her commitment to providing high-quality healthcare. Whether it's general medicine, women's health, children's health, chronic disease management, travel counseling, or minor procedures, Dr. Myintzu Hla's expertise ensures that her patients receive top-notch medical care with a global perspective.

Dr. Hla consults in both English and Burmese.

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