Immunology Clinic
with Dr Ayesha Ayub

Certificate of Sexual Health

Dr. Ayesha Ayub runs immunology clinic at Eastgate Medical Centre.

She is also among the select group of GPs who operate allergy and immunology clinics in collaboration with Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Many of her patients, spanning both children and adults, benefit from her immediate, real-time consultations through the Virtual Immunology Clinic for General Practice (VIC-GP), eliminating the need for in-person appointments with Specialist Immunologist, and virtually eradicating waiting times.

It's important to note that these consultations are privately billed for all patients, including children and Health Care Card holders.

How to book an appointment: 
1) Initial Immunology Standard Consult 15 mins
2) Follow Long Consult for Virtual Immunology Clinic for General Practice (VIC-GP), which will be arranged by Dr Ayesha after the initial appointment.

Dr Ayesha consults in English, Urdu, and Punjabi. 

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